Do You Have an Email Marketing Strategy?

If you currently have an email list of your customers, but they aren’t hearing from you, then you could be missing out on sales.

Whether you are starting from scratch or you have been maintaining a newsletter list, our team will be able to develop a strategy to make sure your messages are getting to the right people at the right time.

Marketing Automation with Email

A new potential customer comes to your website, looks around, and then leaves the website before they commit to contacting you. Weeks later, they may have completely forgotten who you are. That’s a missed opportunity!

Our team can help develop a plan for better reaching these potential leads. Having an opt-in offer on your website is a great way to reach these “soft leads” who aren’t ready to commit. Once we have their email, we can ensure they receive your latest news, offers, and updates so that they don’t forget who you are.